Experience Tourism in Transylvania

I. In the train of Saint Ladislaus legends and murals

Thematic trip with the guidance of a historian in our churches with murals. (Our website: www.szentlaszlo.com)


II. Fortified churches, castles, chateaus – interactive medieval programs

Program 1. – “I came, I saw, I would go back!” or warriors out of nowhere (interactivity!) 1 hour

  1. “attack-surprise” the team of the Szekler reeve checks the tourists whether they are Turkish spies!
  2. somebody defends them, conflict, a little martial presentation
  3. the audience escapes, we merrily begin to dance together (15th – 16th century circle dances)
  4. weapon muster, photo shoot with the equipment
  5. free conversation

Program 2. – “Classic Middle Age” (for a more passive company, with a historian’s professional explanations) 1-2 hours

  1. normal martial presentation
  2. dance presentation, dance teaching
  3. weapon muster, photo shooting possibility with the equipment
  4. free conversation

Program 3. – “On the land of inquisitors” (interactivity!) about 30 minutes

  1. attack, inquisitor looks for witch or someone possessed by demon among the participants
  2. the purging of 1-2 people from the audience (investigation, closing into a sitting stock, closing of squabbling ones into a twin stock, horsing, tickling of the foot, “caning”)
  3. ordalian duels – someone defends them (the fights of warriors)
  4. Curing for ill persons (tooth extraction possibility, appliance of medicinal herbs, punching-massage)
  5. celebration for the healings, dance teaching
  6. free conversation