Irregular History Class

Medieval Time Travelling in Schooltime and in Camping

The goal of the medieval “time travelling”: the education of youngsters and children in a playful manner, using authentic devices. It is an entertainment which makes them acquainted with our real historical roots and with the traditions of our ancestors. It is a great visual history class.

Most often we start the occasions with a historical weapon and armour presentation (“the weapon muster of the Hunyadis”), during which dressed in authentic dresses and with real weapons and armours we illustrate the medieval Szekler warrior’s costume and way of thinking. These armours can be tried on by the children too, and they can learn important information about them, which widen their historical knowledge circle. At the end of the presentation we answer the posed questions, and under our supervision the presented devices can be tried out and tried on. The depth and direction of the delivered historical knowledge is dictated by the group’s interest and age.

In 2019 the programs below can be claimed: (it is important to agree in advance!)

  1. The weapon muster of the Hunyadis (they can get acquainted with the costumes, weaponry, customs of the Hungarian Kingdom of the Hunyadi Era; with dressing up and picture taking possibility) / 30 minutes
  2. Teaching of battle formation with spears and wooden weapons, patrolling with the children (speared battle formation with spears for the older children, with wooden sticks for the smaller ones) / 20 minutes
  3. Archery (getting acquainted with shooting arms, archery into straw bales with various strength reflex-bows from varying distance, novelty: SPECIAL CHILDREN’S BOWS!!!) / 1 hour
  4. Battle cross throwing (throwing into target into a wooden board with medieval throwing weapon) / 30 minutes
  5. Spear throwing (throwing into target into a straw bale with medieval throwing weapon) / 30 minutes
  6. Heraldry and painting of coats-of-arms (the children can get acquainted with the ancient Szekler coat-of-arm, the emblems of the local aristocratic families, and the meanings of the popular mythical animal illustrations – visualized with our new decor shields) / 30 minutes
  7. Teaching of medieval and renaissance dance (simpler circle dances from the 15th – 16th century) / 30 minutes
  8. King Mathias’s “delicatessen” (the making of renaissance sweets; commodities: nuts, almond, honey, dates or raisins – they are expensive, this means extra charge, or the group brings them, those who prepare them can eat them, the number of places is limited, maximum 40 persons) / 30 minutes
  9. The making of renaissance hairdos (based on 15th – 16th century models, braids, threading of ribbons) / 1 hour
  10. Try out of torture devices (the description of olden umpiring customs, sitting stock, horsing with handcuffs, twin stock of the squabbling spouses for parents, with the possibility of taking pictures) / 30 minutes
  11. Historical lectures in any topic: we offer the “Mathias and the Szeklers”, “The symbolism of the murals of the Saint Ladislaus legend”, the “Szekler medieval armours and customs” (Power Point presentations) / 45 minutes


The duration of the occasions depends on the headcount and the specific occasion, agreement in advance is needed!







Medieval Day

School and Children’s Program

According to the ordinance of the Lord, we, that is, the Golden Griffin order deliver a day dear to the King! We prepare our school’s students to the difficulties of life. We come in front of God with merriment, rivalry, doughtiness and with mind testing tasks.

The exercises take place on several locations. On each station an exercise master presides, he is the one, who gives the score. The form master has to lead his group all through the way, there are exercises to which we do not have a respective person, he only gives instructions in the beginning. It can be contest-like; we will appoint the victorious team the royal guard of Udvarhelyszék.


  1. 1. Making of sea-letter: the designing of a legal document similar to a medieval diploma, on which the names of the exercises also figure, the scores will be put onto this
  2. 2. Renaissance dance teaching: the teaching of 15th – 16th century branles
  3. 3. Archery: target shooting with Hungarian, Hun reflex-bow
  4. 4. Medieval sweets making: out of commodities previously given to the form master
  5. 5. Weapon throwing and “Toldi” trial of strength: one has to aim into a wooden board with medieval throwing weapons from five metre distance, and has to hold out a spear with one arm for ten seconds
  6. 6. The making of renaissance hairdos: braids, pearl ornaments, ribbons
  7. 7. Muster: 10th – 15th century weapon and armour arsenal, and after it we pose questions to the team
  8. 8. Coats-of-arms painting and design (heraldry): the learning of the ancient symbols of our kings and aristocrats, of mythological animals
  9. 9. “Excalibur”: we teach the basics of sword-play with “fustély”, that is, with wooden sticks


Participants: helpers: 6-7 persons

Duration: 5-6 hours

Necessary devices: laptop, amplifier, amplification