Historical Dance Presentations

We take back the audience into the renaissance courtly world, when Udvarhely was still a royal centre. The etiquette, the controlled system of the appropriate dance order, the courtship customs of the knightly virtues, and the respect of women appears which sets an example in all eras of the cultured behaviour, of the nice shaping of the approach and intimate connection between the genders.

We embrace the dance culture of the 15th-16th century, on our dance palette there are 8 kinds of branle, gavotte, gaillarde, pavane, spagnoletta, anello, saltarello, we have Moldavian csángó and Hungarian renaissance dance (ungaresca) on our dance palette too. The presentation is completed with the presentation of the era’s customs, attire and musical literacy by a historian. To request, dance teaching can also be claimed. There is possibility for live, authentic music too; we can present the dance culture of the 15th-16th century to the excellent music of the Riverenza Early Music Ensemble.


Participants: dancers 4-6 persons

Duration: by arrangement, depending on the quantity of the dances and narration 40-60 minutes

Necessary devices: 1 microphone (for the narrator, proclaimer), amplifier (laptop, if it is danced to canned music), amplification