Team building training or company parties

The essence of our special offer is the interactivity, so that the grownup to turn into a child again, we imperceptibly smuggle him in into a medieval story or mood. The individuals can find themselves in different basic plots, like a classic roadhouse scene. A few of our warriors, maid of honours visualise the spirit of the age dressed in. Another opportunity is the “5 Trial of the Knight” or the “Trial of the Maids of Honour”, in which the participants can try themselves out as medieval warriors.


1. “5 Trial of the Knight”

  • fight in pairs with wooden sticks, dressed in armour
  • medieval wrestling
  • Toldi’s trial of strength (holding out of a spear, for a measured time)
  • messenger’s trial in armour
  • trial of distance weapons (archery and throwing weapons)


2. “Trial of the Maids of Honour”

  • learning of renaissance dance and etiquette
  • making of renaissance sweets
  • making of renaissance hairdos for each other (long hair is an advantage!)
  • trial of coats-of-arms
  • archery


3. Medieval scenes (“Roadhouse to the Adventure”)

  • arrival of knights, maids of honour
  • uncouth behaviour of local warriors
  • medieval merriment with wine tasting and dance (with the involvement of the audience)
  • conflict (rivalries, single combats, battle)