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In the year of 2018 we created the site www.szentlaszlo.com where you can visit Szeklerland's wonderful murals !

The Golden Griffin Order

Our order runs in Székelyudvarhely (Odorheiu-Secuiesc) town, our regular trainings started in 2012, October the 1st. We are dealing with traditional medieval Szekler, Hungarian and European martial arts. Our leader is Sashalmi-Fekete Tamás historian.


Martial Presentations

Our presentation tries to present the working of the Szekler tenth, in which the role of the primipili and pedites also reveals itself. In our battle formation we combine the different kinds of armoured and armed warriors.


Historical Dance Presentations

We take back the audience into the renaissance courtly world, when Udvarhely was still a royal centre. The etiquette, the controlled system of the appropriate dance order, the courtship customs of the knightly virtues, and the respect of women appears which sets an example in all eras of the cultured behaviour, of the nice shaping of the approach and intimate connection between the genders.


School and Children’s Programs


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