Martial presentations

Our presentation tries to present the working of the Szekler tenth, in which the role of the primipili and pedites also reveals itself. In our battle formation we combine the different kinds of armoured and armed warriors. In front of the tenth the armoured ones (heavy armour, wire armour, leather armour) stand, behind them the archers. Our throwing weapons are the battle cross, the spear, as a novelty: the Háromszék axe, which was excellent for the disruption of the inimical battle formation. We show the usage of our true Hungarian-Szekler weapon too, what kind of archery formation they might have been using for the defence of our castles, fortified churches. The archers fly their arrows from different body postures.

According to sword findings found in Szeklerland they used double-edged, so-called one and a half handed swords in the 14th – 15th century. This is why we find important the presentation of the sword-techniques of the contemporary fence codexes. They countered and attacked with a single movement, taking advantage of the enemy’s energies. We make our productions exciting with lance battle formation and with the presentation of duels. In 2015 we became richer with a 5 metre diameter, 4, 5 metre high, 15th century Szekler military tent and with the flag provided with the ancient Szekler coat of arms.

Starting with 2016, as a novelty, we would like to enrich our presentation with bare handed presentation, wrestling and with the crossbow.


Participants: 5-7 persons

Duration: about 1 hour

Necessary devices: amplifier, CD-player, one microphone (for the narrator)